Monday, July 9, 2012

Movie Review: Life Sport

LIFE SPORT from Elena Molchanova on Vimeo.

Blockbuster Politics 

Yesterday a colleague sent me a link to a short film called ‘Life Sport’.

The official description on the video says it is a “documentary to support the new initiative by SporTT, designed to get young men from “at risk” areas of Trinidad and Tobago involved in various sports”.

The term “documentary” seems to  have been loosely applied  here because Life Sport really  appears to be a 25 minute TV commercial for the Ministry of Sport. And a very bizarre TV commercial at that.

False Advertising?

When Colgate puts up a billboard that says 4 out of 5 dentists recommend  their product, you better believe that they have some form of stats to back that up.

But this sign I saw last Sunday in Penal left me wondering about the things you can seemingly get away with saying.

Who made this sign?

Is it really representing a group of people or is it just the work of a single bored sign painter?

Is it a political billboard? If so is it supposed to adhere to any  rules?

Who are these "People of Debe"?

How many " People of Debe", is it refereeing too?

Colgate must get really jealous when it sees what other billboards can get away with.