Friday, January 12, 2018

An interview with Minister Edmund Dillon

Trinidad and Tobago has kicked off 2018 with a bang. 23 bangs to be exact. That’s how many people have been murdered so far in just the second week in January 2018. I arranged to speak with National Security Minister Edmund Dillon at his Port of Spain office to learn more about the Government’s plans to curb the escalating murder rate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it on account of realizing I am too scared to leave my house. So here is a completely made up interview instead.

Why I should be President

The New Year has greeted me with the depressing realization that I did not accomplish any of the goals I set for myself last year.  I didn’t loose weight. I didn’t learn to speak Spanish. And most annoyingly I didn’t find out Priyanka Chopra’s home address. But I realized I may have set my goals too high to begin with. So this year I have decided to lower my ambitions and aspire to be the next President of Trinidad and Tobago.