Friday, October 2, 2015

Forgive me,but I hate Pope Francis

I have a confession to make. I really hate Pope Francis. I don’t hate him in a way that wishes him ill. I hate him in the same way I hate things like the West Indies Cricket Broad, T&T politicians, and the new Fantastic Four movie; meaning my hatred of the Pope is really just a deep seething frustration brought on by his hypocrisy and lack of ability to make any sense.
 It’s easy to understand why people love Pope Francis. He’s a warm, charming and charismatic man who believes in talking snakes.  But the main reason people seem drawn to him is this idea that he is somehow reforming the Catholic Church, by embracing progressive and rational ideas. Just like almost everything else about Christianity, people believe it despite there being no actual evidence to support it.

Take for example Francis’s supposed enlightened view on homosexuality.  In 2014 Francis said that the church should not rule out the idea of gay marriage completely. Speaking to Italian magazine Corrieredella Sera, Francis pointed out those countries were “normalizing different arrangements of cohabitation” and that “we must consider different cases and evaluate each particular case.” His famous words being, “Who am I to judge?”
Though the Vatican stressed that this wasn’t a change on Church doctrine, media outlets the world over were quick to slobber and fawn over Francis and his attempt at “inclusiveness”. What a terrific guy he was. So of course on his recent trip to America, Francis did what any nonjudgmental person interested in “inclusiveness” would do, he met with divisive, judgmental, religious nut job Kim Davis.
 Kim Davis if you didn’t know  is the lunatic county clerk from Kentucky, who citing her  selectively chosen religious beliefs, refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, barring her colleagues from doing so as well. In a private meeting with her, Francis reportedly praised her “courage”. And why not? After all it’s not easy being a bigoted moron who insists on breaking the law in an effort to impose your religious views on others these days.
Then of course there was the time earlier this year when a transgender man, Diego Neria Lejarrage, embraced Francis at the Vatican asking him if he had a place “in the house of God”. Francis, who had arranged this meeting as an obviously shallow publicity stunt, assured Mr. Lejarrage that he indeed had a place in the church. A month later, Francis appeared to change his mind when he told Italian journalists that gender theory which supports Transgender rights was as dangerous as nuclear weapons. Which must have seemed a bit rich coming from a man who himself wears a dress all day.
It’s not just on LGTB issues that Francis comes across as a two faced hypocrite. Describing himself as a “bit of a feminist”, he has called for women to have a greater role in the church. But as to what this greater role entails is unclear as he has ruled out women joining the Priesthood and has barely appointed women in powerful Vatican roles. But hey, those sandwiches for the church picnic aren’t going to make themselves.
Of course it goes without saying that the  Church’s stance on issues like contraception and abortion rights; issues critical in developing nations, have failed to progress under Francis. This is perhaps to be expected from a man who thinks women can get pregnant by invisible men and that angels cry every time you masturbate.
But where Francis is perhaps most idiotic is when he speaks about economics and climate change, two of his pet issues. Francis roundly condemns capitalism blaming it for poverty and inequality. This isn’t just plain wrong, this is “the world is flat wrong”. As The Economist Magazine points out, between 1990 and 2010 almost one billion people have been lifted out of poverty thanks to free market economics. Not angels; free market economics.
While everyone can agree that crony capitalism is despicable, it is free market economics and the creativity and innovation it unleashes that will continue to raise living standards and propel the human race forward, as well as to help us solve complex issues like climate change. Francis’s position on capitalism, like on so many issues, isn’t just wrongheaded, it’s morally bankrupt.
Regardless of what Francis and others may think, being Pope doesn’t mean you’re infallible. It’s right that his positions on critical issues be scrutinized and questioned. After all, as Matthew 7:15 states:  “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

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