Friday, February 19, 2016

Dear Raymond Tim Kee: I Salute You

I am deeply saddened by your resignation as Mayor of Port of Spain. First, allow me to congratulate you on what is surely your greatest accomplishment as Mayor; getting more people to hate someone named ‘Raymond’ other than culture critic Raymond Ramcharitar. Outmatching Mr. Ramcharitar’s rhetoric about Carnival being the bastion of all evil is no small feat.  

 More importantly Sir, allow me to salute you for having the courage to say what the likes of Pastor Cuffy, Sat Maharaj, and serial rapists all know to be true: vulgar women who participate in Carnival are responsible for their own potential murder. We all know what these vulgar women get up to during Carnival; largely because their pictures are on the front page of all the newspapers the day after. I know because I collect them all.

Sir, when you commented on the murder of Japanese Pannist Asami Nagakiya by saying “Women have a responsibility to ensure they are not abused during the Carnival season,” you were making an important point. It was Ms. Nagakiya’s responsibility to protect herself from murderers. It’s not like the Police or band security could do it; they had their hands full beating people up.

Your observation that Ms. Nagakiya was wearing her costume when she was found was also particularly brilliant. "Let your imagination roll," you said. Sir that is the kind of innovative thinking the Police service needs. Forget forensic evidence, eyewitness accounts or actual police work; simply imagining how crimes get committed is an excellent way to solve them. The Police can also then imagine who the perpetrators are and imagine catching them.

Sir the only people who found your remarks offensive were feminists, pro-abortionists, and godless sodomites. Or as PNM activist Juliet Davy called them; UNC operatives. Those vulgar women who held protests against you in Woodford Square demanding your resignation last week should all look into the mirror and ask themselves one question: “How will I ever find a husband with this attitude?”

But Mr. Tim Kee, I fear that in caving to the demands of these vulgar women, you have set a dangerous precedent. Women may now feel they can get whatever they want by having organized protests against public officials.

Sir, you may have opened a Pandora’s Box that could see women making all kinds of insane demands; like making abortion legal, that adult Hindu and Muslim men not be allowed to marry adolescent girls, and that the police should arrest notorious crime lords who brutally beat their wives, even though they paid their bribes.

Vulgar women already wield too much power in our society. For example, forget about simply telling a vulgar woman “Good morning”, vulgar women feel they too good to tell you “Good morning” back. And some will even begin walking faster to get away from you.

Just last week I saw a really beautiful, elegant women walking along South Quay, and I stopped my car to tell her, “Oh gosh gyul I want to grab yuh and take you home to Grande and show you my bedroom.” But was she happy with my compliment? No she filed a police report. Apparently I 'threatened to kidnap her'. Thankfully, the police did their jobs and didn’t take her seriously. But this is the kind of havoc vulgar women and their inability to control my attitude towards them has wreaked on our society.

 Sir, women need to be reminded of the special and sacred position they occupy in Trinidad and Tobago . They are our mothers, our wives and our potential beauty pageant contestants. We should be teaching our girls that in our culture, confident, sexually liberated women who fill their heads with fancy ideas and opinions are just asking to be strangled to death in the Queens Park Savannah. 

Mr. Tim Kee, the real depressing aspect of you demitting office is that without courageous voices like yours, Port of Spain and by extension the country will continue on the road of becoming Sodom and Gomorrah. A land of vice and immorality. Though from what I read Sodom and Gomorrah did have an excellent drainage system, great infrastructure and a working parking and traffic plan. So perhaps it won’t be that bad.

In the meantime Sir, keep your head up. I hear CSI Saudi Arabia is hiring. You should apply.

Darryn Boodan


NomisTT said...

Absolutely brilliant!

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michelle fortune said...


tracy j said...

most pleasing!

MoJo said...

It's too late for comments now but, His response should of been I am not going anywhere, the morality of 85% of the women is in the garbage can and we need to lift our heads out of it. The leaders of this nation needs great conservitave publicist, or else they would be in big trouble; if they allow these sickos to think that they are in control.

Teddy Marcelle said...

No one could have said it bettter