Friday, September 11, 2015

Wayne, I want my money back!

Dear Dr. Kublalsingh,

Last week I bought your recently published book Global Village or Global Empire  at a bookstore in Chaguanas. After having read it, I am writing to ask you to please give me back my money. I know what you must be saying. “Why should someone be entitled to a refund after reading the book?” Well Dr. Kublalsingh, I believe I was duped into buying your book.

 I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I foolishly assumed that a book alluding to  be about global economics and politics; would be about global economics and politics. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that it was nothing more than the ramblings of a clearly deluded halfwit.  

Global Village or Global Empire, a collection of 25 of your newspaper articles, is nothing more than a collection of, junk history, hackneyed conspiracy theories and socialist propaganda. A great example of the kind of moronic nonsense that pervades this book can be found in your article titled “The Leadership Revolution”.

In it you praise the psychopathic founder of North Korea, Kim ll Sung saying, “The modern Democratic Republic of North Korea is a product of very clear leadership. Of a very clear set of revolutionary principles”. You go on to describe North Korea as somehow being a self-reliant country that wants for nothing.

 Dr. Kublalsingh the fact that you seem unaware that North Korea is little more than a concentration camp pretending to be a country is telling. Kim Kardashian writing a book on theoretical physics would not write anything as demonstrably false or insane as your analysis of North Korea, or indeed anything else in this book. Wayne, North Korea is a brutal totalitarian regime where mass starvation and crippling poverty   is the order of the day and where a person, say, protesting the construction of a highway, would be shot on sight.

 I strongly recommend you read a real book called “Why Nations Fail” by Darron Acemoglu and James Robinson. I use the words “real book” in that unlike your books, the authors here actually use facts, references, and supporting evidence to make their claims. According to Acemoglu and Robinson, South Korea, despite sharing a similar geographical location with North Korea has become one of the richest countries in the world precisely because it rejected the socialist ideology found in North Korea.

 South Korea is an open democracy where free market economics has generated prosperity and rewarded innovation.  In short, western style institutions, free market economics and liberal democracy-everything you rail against in Global Village or Global Empire -are exactly the ingredients that are needed for a prosperous and free society. 

Of course what collection of crackpot socialist ideas would be complete without a slobbering tribute to brutal autocrat Fidel Castro? Its seems incredible to me that in the same book where you praise the power of the internet saying   “The discovery of cyberspace …offers enormous possibility of resistance to the mania of individual  leaders“,  that you also praise Fidel Castro, describing him as an “ intellectual giant of the 21st century”.

You are apparently unaware that Fidel Castro denies Cubans the full use of the internet. Like all media in Cuba it is censored. Gee I wonder why? Maybe because the internet “offers enormous possibility of resistance to the mania of individual leaders“, you think?  But such is the level of non-thinking that is displayed all over your book.

 Not content with mangling political and economic facts, your book also attempts to distort scientific ones. For example in your article that has nothing to do with discussing the scientific revolution, which for some reason is entitled, “The Scientific Revolution”, you appear to mix mysticism with science. In a string of bizarre sentences you write nonsense like “If it is argued that the temple is an abstraction or the spirit, or peace and purity; so is mathematics”.  And “The entire universe is a celestial city and the planet is a celestial village.” None of this makes any sense unless of course you were in some kind of drug induced hallucinatory rant. In which case, I get it.

So in conclusion Dr Kublalsingh because, I think there is more historical and scientific accuracy in Game of Thrones than in your book, I would like to get my money back please. Please have a cash payment in the amount of $95.75 delivered to The Trinidad Express in my name. I have to warn you Dr. Kublalsingh I am prepared to go on a hunger strike to get back my money. I have access to sunlight and Tulsi leaves; therefore you know my hunger strike could last for months.

Darryn Boodan  


NomisTT said...

Wayz!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly written. Too bad most Trinidadians would not even take the time to read such a thought provoking piece. They are too busy following the inane plot of some flaccid ZTV offering or the EPL.